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A pearl is something that comes from the body of an Oyster (Pinctada is a genus of saltwater oysters). Pearl is not a mineral gem. Pearls are highly valued by the Burmese people as one of the jewels in the Nine Nawarats. Each of the nine Nawarats has a unique power. The effect of pearls is that they are blessed. The advantage of pearls is that not like other gemstones after the pearl is extracted, it looks beautiful and pleasing without the need for cut and polished. There are two types of pearls: natural pearls and cultured pearls. The Salunga people, who live in the Myeik, make a living by diving for pearls.

Eight kinds of pearls

  1. Hattikomban : The pearl in Sin Oo Kin. Golden color
  2. Vajrayana : The pearl in the ivory; Ivory color
  3. Bhujingathithan : The pearl on the snake’s head. It is bright green and brown.
  4. Valaha-kam : the pearl in the cloud; Three kinds of deities’ jewels; It is very bright.
  5. Thin-kaw : The pearl in the khayu thin. It has a color.
  6. Thate-pi : The Pearl of clam. There is a special color.
  7. Welu: A pearl in bamboo. It has the appearance of green grapes.
  8. Misa-Thiyaw: The pearl in the head of a fish. There is a color of Ngaphal Kyouk Kone.

Things to know about the Nine Nawarats

The Nine Nawarats

The Nine Nawarats is a cultural heritage of Myanmar and one of the most cherished treasures still held today. Nine Nawarat ‌ has nine meanings because it is made of nine gems. It is also a part of the belief of the Burmese people because it is a precious and powerful Nine Nawarats.

There are nine types of stones in the nine Nawarats

(1) Rubies

(2) Emerald

(3) Sapphire

(4) Diamonds

(5) Cat’s eye

(6) Hessonite (Gomed )

(7) Topaz (Oatthaphaya)

(8) Coral (Thandar)

(9) Pearls

And so on. Each has its own value and meaning.

(1) Rubies

The benefit of carrying rubies is “great glory.”

(2) Emerald

Emerald brings “peace”.

(3) Sapphire

Sapphire’s light blue color reflects the meaning of “love”.

(4) Diamonds

It is believed that holding a diamond enhances “dignity”.

(5) Cat’s eye

Cat’s eye stone means “perfection”.

(6) Hessonite (Gomed )

It is believed to be a “strength booster” as a bearer of the Hessonite (Gomed ).

(7) Topaz (Oatthaphaya)

As the holder of Topaz (Oatthaphaya), it is believed to be “Strengthening”.

(8) Coral (Thandar)

As the holder of the coral, it creates the purpose of “leadership”.

(9) Pearls

As the owner of the pearl, it is believed to be a “glory booster”.

Types of pearls

Pearls are derived from Snail the genus Mollusks. Of the 8,000 species of two-shelled oysters, only about 20 produce pearls. A species of snail that survives in freshwater and produces pearls is called a mussel. A species of snail that grows in salt water and produces pearls is called an oyster.

Color of pearls

The colors pearls are white, pink, silver, cream, brown, green, blue, black, yellow, orange, red, purple and gold. Myanmar is the only country in the world to produce the world’s rare golden pearl.


How pearls form

Pearls from inside the body of an oyster are made up of layers of pearls (layers of Nacre). Pearl is made up of 93% calcium carbonate and the remaining 7% is made up of organic compounds and water. Each layer of pearls is 0.00005 mm thick. A cultured pearl contains at least 1,000 layers of pearls. Oysters usually cover three to seven layers of pearls a day.

The world’s largest Myanmar natural pearl

Size = 6.2 cm × 5.3 cm × 3 cm

Color = silver

Weight = 168.98 grams

Discovery Location: Tanintharyi Division Kawthaung Township Northwest of Zartagyi Island

Location = Treasure Museum

It is a kind of natural pearl and has a silver color. The mother species is Pinctada Manima.

Cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are man-made processes of natural pearl formation. The nucleus, which has the same density as pearls, is inserted into the body of the oyster. In order to prevent the robe from coming off easily and to obtain a large pearl, the embryo is surgically dissected to reach the designated position. The thickness of a pearl can range from 0.4 mm to 4.0 mm. The density of pearls is in the range of 2.6 to 3.0 and the hardness is 3.5 on the Mohs Scale.


The World’s Largest Burmese Cultured Pearl

Size = length 41 mm × width 32 mm

Color = silver

Weight = 36.75 grams (over 200 ratios)

Discovery Location: Pearl Island

Location = Treasure Museum

How to use pearls

Pearls are used as jewelry in a variety of jewelry. Use just pearls as jewelry or it is also often used in combination with gold and silver. Pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, pearl earrings, and in addition pearls are also used in nine Nawarat jewelry.

To preserve pearls

Of the nine Nawarat jewels, the hardness of diamonds is the highest at 10 and the hardness of pearls is the lowest, so it needs to be maintained properly. Pearls should be avoided along with other jewelry. Do not wash with hot water. Cleaning should be done regularly, gently wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

The main pearl farms of the Myanmar Pearl Industry are:

Domal Island – Pearl Island; Bokpyin Township

Mali Island – Palaw Township and

Shwe Kyun Gyi – Kawthaung Township.

South Sea pearls produced by Burmese experts at the pearl farms of the Myanmar Pearl Industry are among the most popular pearls in the world pearl market. Not only is it high quality but it is also extremely popular and durable due to its also the most valuable pearls. Not only good quality but also durable, they are also the most popular and expensive pearls.

Pearl farming and pearl study tour

There are 11 pearl farms in Myeik Archipelago, including Shwe Kyun Pearl Farm; Ngalone Letphat Island Pearl Farm; Jalan Island Pearl Farm; the state-owned Pearl Island Camp in Bokpyin Township, and the Pearl Tagon Camp in Kyunsu Township, local and foreign tourists can now visit.

Unlike other natural resources, pearl farming should be considered as an ecological conservation activity.

You will be able to get a closer look at the pearl production process and social life of pearl workers, as well as buy consumer goods and camp pearls made from the shells of oysters.

By visiting the Pearl Farm, you can get some knowledge by relaxing. Visitors will be able to explore pearl farming and explore underwater reefs and aquatic life organized by tour companies.

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