The five ways that can get free crypto

December 17, 2023 By c4tadmin

1️⃣Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are about doing activities on their platform and giving them Crypto as a reward.

So, which Bitcoin Faucets should you choose? Admin’s choice is Cointiply is the best Bitcoin Faucets that admin found. It has 1.7 million trusts and has actually paid out 1.2 million dollars worth of coins.
(If you’re up for it, you should take a test at and get BTC Reward)



Everyone is already familiar with Airdrops
🎈What is AIRDROP🎈?

Airdrop is a way to make a large number of wallet addresses when you do what you ask them to do, so they give you free coins.

All you need to do Airdrop is a Wallet (Trust wallet), Twitter Account, and sometimes refer people.

Some airdrops get a large number of people who join in. The Airdrop that Admin saw many of them was last year’s Uniswap Airdrop & 1 inch airdrop. If you look carefully, both projects are now Defi
Noted: If you look at it, it is provided by Defi Projects, so if you find Defi Projects, I encourage you to do it.

3️⃣ Another one is CoinBase Earn. Once you open a Coinbase account, you will see educational videos. By watching all the educational videos, you can earn up to $20. How easy is it?

4️⃣Another way is to play blockchain games which everyone will like and earn cryptos. This way you can earn about $100 a week, but you have to play those games on a PC and laptop.
📌 The name of the first Blockchain Game is “Town Star”. The TownStar game was made by Gala Game Company. In other words, Townstar is a Crypto type Farm Ville.
The most exciting part about TownStar is that we have to try to be in the Top 200 every week. If you are in the Top 200, you will get a Gala Token.
📌The name of the second game is “Lost Relics”.
This game is an “Action Adventures RPG” where you have to go around and kill monsters. How do you get the reward?
You have to live to the end in the game. If you survive, you will get “epic loot”. Now this epic loot is NFT. If you get very rare NFTs, you will win the lottery. You can get about $1,000 for one. By reselling what you get in the ENJIN Market Place, you get Free Crypto.

5️⃣Another one is Binance. How to get it in Binance is to get it by staking & saving the cryptos you add. In the case of cheap cryptos, you can get 30%-50% annual interest rate for staking. If those coins are fluctuating, you can save and stake stable coins such as USDT and BUSD and get higher annual interest rates than banks.


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