Always Ready

November 8, 2023 By c4tadmin

Being ready for life’s journey can be very rewarding and rewarding. That is why we have to try to prepare a lot of things from the time of weaning to the time of death. When you want to be ready, you can’t just get up and plan. Everything has to be prepared in advance. It’s like a breakdown season. I knew in advance that the fires would be extinguished this summer. Inverters Generators; Batteries If you buy and sell power banks in advance, it will be a big business. It’s known in advance. But we are not that line. Not a seller. Just because you are not a businessman. As a true businessman, you take advantage of every opportunity. They are just waiting for the problem.

Like in the political story, if you want your cat to eat hot peppers (spicy and difficult

to live with), what will the cat eat if it is fed? It will turn out hot, so you will have to pay extra for food to get the pepper. So the pepper was sprinkled all over the cat’s body.Cats may not be exposed to the pepper because of the peppermint that seeps into the skin. I just can’t sit still. It was as comfortable as heat, but it was spread all over my body with my tongue. The tongue heats up again to relieve heat from the outside. I want to alleviate a problem. It automatically accepts another tragedy.

The business world is like that. My father put out the fire. My son started the generator. The son sells weapons and the father creates war. In fact, the concept of bigotry and bigotry in society is superficial in the form of face-to-face tea.But in order to live without worries in such a mess, you have to have everything ready in life. Will

he be at the top of every wave in the waves of the world? It’s like living every day, deciding whether or not to be submerged.According to secular law, where can we always be at the top of the wave? Even if you were drowned, would you sink? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

My daughter used to ask me. Sometimes he gets bored of studying. “Mommy, why are there so many letters?” The answer is that you should be ready when you enter the world. Yes, We need to keep learning from infancy to adulthood.In today’s fast-paced world, if you stop learning today, you will be left behind the next day. You are not ready for the world the next day. Do not think that you have been left behind. Stopping at the same place is not only disconnected from the world; You can lose touch with everyone.So do not stop and move. Struggle Swim March When you start something, make sure you are ready.

From the moment we are born, we are ready; I have already experienced the impossibility. When our parents prepared everything for us, our childhood would have been beautiful.When parents bring it into their lives without any preparation. Fighting You may have been through a divorce. It was as if they were not ready to shape a life, and we suffered the consequences. When you enter the workplace after learning the skills, what you do is different depending on what kind of job you were ready for.Some are ready to work and eat based on knowledge; Some are ready to invest and trade. Some are physically ready to work.They are not the same. How to manage the money you

earn once and how many years you will work. Think about what kind of work you will do at any age. A person who is determined and challenging every day will not be able to work. It is time to retire.Think of the best. When things go awry and the results are not as expected, the one who accepts impermanence and secularism is ready to endure the consequences.

There are so many things I’s not ready for in life. I used to be scared. I was confused. There was a delay. Steps you want to take but have not yet taken. Roads that are not paved even though they are there. There are many ways to go, though not yet.Someone who has hurt you as you go through life. The words that hurt them are bad. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. Every time I tooka risk, the event was a success.

If you are not born with readiness, build yourself up to be ready for everything. Everyone is looking forward to the bouquet. When you are in trouble and sink into the deep water, you look forward to the Maykhala goddess / angel who will come to my rescue for me.But not one. If no one can give you a flower, you have to turn it into a flower yourself.Do not long for a savior when you are drowning. Stay alive. May Khla Goddess / Deity will notice that there is another person trying to survive while swimming. So it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Children need to be educated so that they can expand their knowledge. Skills To improve knowledge; World geography; Artificial seasons; Languages Science and technology; Modern jobs and financial

management; Politics All of these are inescapable for human development.There is skill in the head and the body can not develop. Physical activity; You need martial arts. To soften the heart; Art is also needed to increase creativity. We also need a religion that is meaningful in order to face the world more firmly and see the truth as it really is.(No religion is too extremist.) If all human beings living on this earth had a compassionate and compassionate heart ready, where would war be in this world? And now, both domestically and globally, the flames of war are eroding children and the next generation from readiness. When everything is not ready, everything is late.

In the age of ready-made food. In the age of ready-to-wear clothing, some people find it difficult to be ready for the future. There are many lives that are still alive but

still dead. Even if no one can bring you a flower, you can make it your own and be healthy. Be happy၊ strong I pray for myself and for all of you to be smart citizens.


Author- Hlaing (Dagon-1)

Translator- Rose