Bagan (Mahar)

November 9, 2023 By c4tadmin

When you say, “It is Myanmar” in the world, all human beings know the place, It is the great land of Myanmar’s traditional historical, and cultural heritage for many years.

The great land of Myanmar was established by King Anawrahta and has been recognized as a World Heritage Site today.

The land of Buddhism and the great monks of the Burmese people.

Centuries-old pagodas, history, and culture, the murals never disappeared, never got old, and still exist today.

A land was full of courage left by many Burmese heroes.

This land is “our land”…This water is “our water”… “Our history” As we write it, one of the lifeblood of our Burmese people, the number of pagodas (446,673) is the land where many pagodas have located all direction.

The land where kings flourished before we were born and many inscriptions still exist today.

The land is inscribed in many languages, inscriptions by The King “Mon / Pyu”, etc…

In addition to the inscriptions, there are murals and paintings that have been painted for centuries, and there are also designs in addition to 10 kinds of Pan such as Blacksmithing, Sculpture, Goldsmith, etc. The land is still magnificent and beautiful.

Many pagodas are filled with prayers, and their history, The land where its history and power exist.

The love story of “Min Kyan Sit and Mani Sandar” has been established in the history of this land, so a lot of love flourished.

No matter how grand, this historic land is a sacred place for the people of Myanmar. The city of Bagan has been a World Heritage Site in Myanmar for the 21st century.

What kind of walls and series did this historic city be made of ??? Very interesting… The walls of the pagoda, which have been beautiful and strong for centuries, one horizontal, one verticalare and are based on ancient artifacts. So, Bagan is now decorated with 12 gates, now only one Tharapa Gate remains a landmark. The volume of the Tharapa door is amazing. I find the ninth-century AD works of art to be one of the longest-lived masses in the world to this day.

There are so many natural beauties that it refreshes the minds of many visitors and reminds them of ancient history. The sound of birds chirping in the morning and the bright red light from the rising sun at dusk make us feel energized and energized throughout the day. The friendliness of the people of Bagan is very dear to us. We are warmly welcomed like brothers and sisters.

It is a place where Burmese food is traditionally eaten. It is energizing to have a delicious meal with Myanmar rice (San), Myanmar curry, Ngapi Totesayar, and PoeYiGyi salad from the Bagan region. the whole day after visiting the pagoda, I was tired and ate at the beautiful and clean Burmese restaurant of the locals and drank a cup of hot water (raw water), and eat Jaggery (Htanlyet) and relieved the stress of life for a while. And then continue visiting the pagodas. Thank you for explaining the expert history of the pagodas of Bagan as far as they know and escorting us to all the pagodas.

As I listened to these stories, I came to know a very special love story. This story is the history of the famous Ascension of Bagan, the flower road that brought love between the florist Byatta and the royal family Mae Wunna at Popa Mountain.

Byatta who can transform into a giant monster crosses the road with many difficulties and pays a flower to the King every day. He tried to create a love story with princess Mae Ma Wunna and named it Pansat Road. This extraordinary love between the common man and the royal family originated in Bagan. They lived together and gave birth to two sons, Shwe Phyin Gyi and Shwe Phyin Lay. They are the two deities who are still guarding the mountain Taungpyone, which is still worshiped by some Burmese people. Princess Mae Wunna made a difference by being able to transform into a giant monster. Because this tribe is in love with human beings, this land with our rich history is brought to life, and I hope readers will be interested like me too.

At the end of the day, we came to the sunset beauty of Vu Pagoda and Tang Kyi Mountain. The beauty of Bagan sunset is not only a day for a person but also a life-long feeling of peace. So, I did not want to go home yet, so in the evening, the palm trees produce sweet palm juice and in the shade of palm trees, families can sip a cup of palm juice and make you feel dizzy, staring at the land of Bagan, tell the history of Bagan and reminisce about the past. The sound of the waves of the Irrawaddy River along with the bell melody of Lokananda Pagoda also touched my heart.

The Land is full of beautiful scenes, the ancient history of the dynasties, buildings, Myanmar’s cultural heritage, and natural beauty. We invite you to visit our historic homeland of Bagan, a must-visit if you are visiting Myanmar as it is full of traditions. Friends, I would like to invite you to visit us again one day to learn about our Burmese history, which really existed.

So I would like to appeal to the readers. Although I have studied and written about history, I have written it myself, so if there is a historical mistake, please understand and read it as a story.

Writer- Content By N2

Translator- Hana M