Bamboo Sap Juice

November 11, 2023 By c4tadmin

Bamboo sap is a local and natural organic foodstuff of Tanintharyi Division. To make bamboo sap, at the beginning of the rainy season, people who want to make bamboo sap pierce young bamboo trees with a sharp knife at the third stems from the foot of bamboo trees so that raindrops can go into the bamboo stems through the holes.

A bamboo tree should be pierced only two or three holes so as not to die. A bamboo tree is hurt twice in its lifetime; when picking bamboo shoots and making bamboo sap. There will be bamboo sap about 10 to 15 days after the rain has fallen. It looks like jelly and it has a sweet fresh bamboo smell. Having bamboo sap juice is like having fairy floss or having gum tragacanth juice.

Bamboo sap makes us feel settled in the stomach and have stamina. It also encourages the actions of liver and kidneys. Children like it very much and it can be said to be a non-coughing natural jelly.

Bamboo sap can be enjoyed with honey, brown sugar, evaporated milk, condensed milk, lime juice, plum sherbet, vanilla with milk, and so on.

How long does bamboo sap last? Or its durability.
To preserve bamboo sap, it must be put into an airtight bottle. If so, it will last for a fortnight at the room temperatures and for several months in the fridge. But the colour may change a little.

Who should take bamboo sap?
Everyone can enjoy bamboo sap as it is a health-giving foodstuff. Especially, it is very suitable for those who sweat a lot, those who are suffering from diseases concerning with liver, kidneys and bladder and those who want to feel settled in the stomach. Moreover, bamboo sap makes one’s skin glow and clear, and makes one lose weight. As it is organic, children and old people can enjoy it as desserts or snacks.

Can pregnant women have bamboo sap?
Of course, they can have it because it is natural, organic and unharmed. Besides it can give the above-mentioned advantages to them.

How can you enjoy bamboo sap juice?
You can make bamboo sap juice with water, condensed milk, evaporated milk and sugar as you like. Older people often like bamboo sap in honey with a little lime. Bamboo sap is suitable for everyone to enjoy as it is natural, organic, unharmed and health-giving.

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Edited by Phoenix

Translated by Myo Win