Boak Isaland

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This is the floating island in the Andaman Sea.

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The Tanintharyi Pearl Akari is full of natural beauty such as many beautiful natural islands, breathless beaches, Mountains, and Waterfalls, you probably already know that she is a goddess of beauty. Let me introduce you to an island that may be mistaken like Phuket of Thailand or Bali or Hawaii. The island is a natural island and with little human reach, everything is natural. The island is unique in that it is home to water that shines like glass, a thin layer of white sand, coral reefs, and colorful sea creatures in one place. The island is called Bok Island.

This is San Lan Beach, a boat ride to Boke Island. Under the dominance of the beach and mountains, you can enjoy the natural beauty of San Lan village.

Launglon Boat Island is located in Tanintharyi Division, Dawei District, Launglon Township. It is Moscos island, where the line is located ‌a southern and northern island in the Andaman Sea, more than 10 nautical miles from the T Zit and San Hlann coastal villages. Moscos is a collection of a small number of islands in the province that were called in the colonial era. There are three areas: Haizen Bok island, Maungmakan Bok Island and Launglon Bok Island. Of the three Bok island areas, Launglon Bok Island is the closest to the coast. There are sand dunes in the northeast of the island and the waves are not rough, so swimming and recreation, Watching sand under the sea, It is an island that attracts a lot of tourists with its blue sea full of coral reefs.

How are you going?

This is San Lan Beach, a boat ride to Boke Island. Under the dominance of the beach and mountains, you can enjoy the natural beauty of San Lan village.

Launglon Township, San Hlann Village where Bok Island has located about 28 km from Dawei. First, you have to go by car or take a motorbike to San Hlann Beach. Another 10 miles [8 km] boat ride from the beach to the island. Island tours can be arranged on your own or by connecting with a travel agency. It takes about three hours by boat from the beach to the island. By boat, you can feel the green mountains, the beauty of the blue sky, and the blue sea like a painting. When you get to the island, the first thing you can notice is the crystal clear seawater. Then you will hear the sounds of the island’s birds.

What do you need to bring to the island?
Identity card
Life jacket
Life-saving football field
Diving goggles
Snacks, rice, and foods
Cold drinks
Plastic bag for garbage

Materials to bring

There is a naval base between the island and the beach, Identity card is required to pass through there. It is a sea voyage and you will need to bring life-saving equipment.

Island condition

The island is a natural virgin island. The feature of the island is clear sand and white sand and the beauty of the coral reefs that can be seen under the sea. If you look at the sea from the island, the sky, Coral reefs, combined with seawater and three layers of water are visible, such as light blue, dark blue, green-blue. The seawater is crystal clear and colorful sea creatures swim in the water, colorful coral reefs, and the rocks must be visible.

It’s so beautiful to be perfect. You can see three layers of water in the picture. White, green and blue. It is known that the color changes due to the coral reefs. This kind of beauty can only be found where there are coral reefs.

What can be done on the island?

While diving, you will admire the beauty of the coral reefs and the marine life that moves between them. Blue, red, yellow, and blue water creatures will look like a painting. Coral reefs are, in fact, coral reefs formed by the coexistence of non-living organisms. These tiny animals do not thrive everywhere. It thrives only in temperate climates. Coral reefs are the natural jewels of the sea and a great ecosystem where marine life spawns. Please do not destroy it.

Island tour
You can also take a boat trip around the island. While watching the doves, forests and can also be taking photos between rock formations. Do not forget to wear life jackets.

In addition to scuba diving, you can also use the life-saving football field to surf.

Sun protection
Sunbathing on the white sand beach, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea while enjoying the breeze.

Bungalows and restaurants
Unfortunately, there will be no bungalows and restaurants on the island. This is because the island is uninhabited and too far from residential areas. If you go to the island, you need to take your own food. You have to do everything yourself to have fun. After that, I would like to request you to clean up the garbage properly.

🐳🐠 We invite you to experience the beauty of Dawei District, Launglong Bok Island.

🛫🚌 You can now safely visit Dawei with convenient transportation by air or air.

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