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I have often seen women in the literature compare to the sea. Women and the sea are deep and full of wiles.

I have an idea about writing a book callded ” The men like ocaen ” once I have heard the book named ” The women like sea ” written by the famous author Ju. In fact that the ocean is wider and deeper than the sea so do the men to the women.

Once I talked about the men are not good to women, she bought me a book named ” The facts of men ” they are writing about men implicated. That is a common, simple content make sense it. Although simple, there are many big one, harmony, philosophy, It’s a book full of horror and frustration.

After reading the whole book, the word “loyalty” came to my mind. I also think that the loyalty of many men is “faithfulness like a straw fire.”

“Spouse of the same sex if the rank smell of blood clot in the book.” Those words marked addressing female icon to tigers. “After getting a rank smell of blood clot risk of animals and animal brain and think human beings, including the passage of the principal, they would look upon it for a medical reason, great course … what next, but can lead to rank smell of blood”. The solution is simple, said the main points covered. The man’s intelligent and rational to ask how the wile women’s ring of flesh and blood, I think. It is more dangerous to cover up a married man with ignorance than to a single man. As ignorance and lust are the main culprits of being born. What a woman in prison does is a very degrading and unwholesome act.

The other hand, this is a proverb Boys want to do what your thoughts became boisterous, especially mosquitoes, the duty to be faithful to give priority to some families. Girlfriend, I want to wish for infidelity having a family. “Infidelity men flattered forgive wrong once,” said another man and a woman in marriage, “She does not draw away from the mean and why women can not be considered, the bull and the world claiming to throw away” Did the times go wrong, did the system go wrong, did the people go wrong?

Now, I do not want to know it can take many nations, a general fact. This book like many men. Husband worshiped her walks and other low young men have to serve a woman’s shiny, perfect for producing a wife forgive all men without sin, honest wife walks Western divulge lose, lose all the women married to a wonderful man, woman, pass by pass anything just barely care about the men and women who love death faithfully kept a quotation from a man, his wife and child who walks behind her brutal husband, to keep both feet and selfish men, working wife spoken to believe that the test did not check anything out of a mother to give birth sister heartlessly, like a blind man A lowly man who left an irresponsible girl with a belly, a beautiful, clever wife, who floated in the jungle and, like a bull, prioritizes fleshly desires with compassion. There are endless men in the book. There will be better men, better men like this, and worse men in this world.

Off the books to read and do thought Clappers noise of the real me. Women can get huge. “The girls say that they believe. They believe someone have mercy. They believe the increased cost blind fool.” Soft impress himself together. So I understand the concept of common fire, to avoid burning their families, especially, they have to lag behind. He honestly was not too late to become dishonest. This unit also entered eyes stubbornly. Sympathy should not be lost last are Even innocent people suffer.

Women are bad men are rational, sympathetic and works are rational, sympathy, goodness, and how to make a living world where all women. This book should be read, the book, like the sea. May the flowers of compassion bloom by reading the books ” The women like sea or The men like ocean “……….

“Far Away”

This letter is not just about one book, it is about some of the honorable books of Sayar Tatkathol Bhone Naing.

I have been wanting to write about Sayar’s Honors books for a long time. My teacher is one of my favorite writers.

It is made up of beautiful words, beautiful groups, and beautiful sentences.
I can write my life with beautiful words and beautiful thoughts.

“Let me read, and let it not be blessed
Do not give up, be lazy
What a thoughtful verse
Although found, a slave to literature
I think the teacher fulfilled the role of a writer in the poem “I’m dressed”. I can not think of it as a fun thing because I love reading books. It has a lot to think about.

I also consider it necessary for a writer to pass on his or her time to future generations with his or her literature. A great writer once said that the role of a good writer is fulfilled.
Sayar also holds an honorary degree in psychology.

Now, in the book “Far Away”, can I say that I am a psychopath or a person with mental illness?

Forget about life and go to Lay Myat Na, the most remote town in Mae Sot, known as Mae Za in Irrawaddy Division.

A University, a psychology student, hiding on a city that is really specific and neo teams Nu’s story is a story about love Tragedy heartwarming story that can be read to enjoy the beautiful style of composition. As a musical instrument still see a teacher’s book, a violin, a piano hinge included in this book. Compose about psychology, art, love, laugh except piercing laugh about normal age of infidelity.
It is a good book to enjoy reading about Sayar’s important thoughts, beautiful thoughts and beautiful environment.

“The sky is blue, your eyes are blue, you are the star in the blue sky, you are the star in the blue sky, you are the star in the blue sky, but the star in the blue sky can not speak, the star in the blue sky can speak.

This book is based on the psychology of currency which was not fulfilled in life.She going through a hard struggle, the height of the higher seed and Cynthia Love felt that the story could not be combined. High as a lecturer in psychology at the height of the tribe to the stand during the first love, Cynthia’s daughter Mon Mon met again her daughter. Poor Mon Mon grease melancholic life of the high life and is able to close about and was able to close.. Combined could combine. Of

“Cynthia is so beautiful. I told her the other day that I value her so much when I see only one kind of beauty.
I’m poor Cynthia, but when I see a rich man, I want to be rich like him. May he continue to be rich and not suffer.
It’s my love to make the creatures rich. ”

Another book on psychology is “Red Diamonds with Love”.

Dr. Sein Pan can also be said to be a young friend who psychologically treats a writer who has forgotten her past.
Most teachers only understand the story when they are halfway through, and this book is only halfway through the story. I have not read some parts of this book for a long time, but I can still memorize the poem at the back of this book.
“Diamond Laughing Red.”
Pwint Theingi Shwe Padauk
Before Kyaing along the forest
I’m not proud that it is open
The love flower of the season.
His head was dizzy
My head is dizzy
Let the flames rise again
Because he is not a good perfumer
No competition.
Strong gold, if possible
I want to give it my life. “

A diamond is a flower that has a small face compared to a bright flower. Dr. Sein Pan is a person who has a small face like a diamond when he was young.

The next book is “Raindrops”.

“The clouds are beautiful, brother. But when the big black clouds come up, I am not afraid of yellow. I am not afraid of yellow when it rains.”

Another highlight is the author Ma Lay Phyu and writer Myo Lwin couple’s love story. Life caused some secret, mysterious kisses, as well as a book on Psychology is a subtle mix.

The two characters are writers, so it is a sad and pathetic book full of information about the literary world, a writer’s mood, thoughts, and deeds.

“In the hot sun … Is it good to listen to the moonlit song in the hot sun?”
“The sun is not hot anymore”
“The sun is not hot”
“The moon is shining”
“Really …”
“In this car”
“In this car …”
“And … well … in my heart”

“I love Nwe Oo Mon”

An uncle and aunt who worked as orphans in the village and gave them a university in Rangoon when a rich man could afford to go to university.
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, Dr. Kyaw Swa, who could not go down to the capital, Rangoon, was a good man at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone.
Attitude, one of the attributes, is attachment, longing for him, wanting to be close to him, fearful of being away from him, striving to possess, preventing loss,
Interior and sustenance. Another uncle, aunt returned to the soldier found in books, where about a fine soldier big brown (I do not like to read. Saw brown comrades by taking the difference between this period of soldiers and read to me.. Comrade brown early closure of these soldiers are not). That will protect Life, shame, honest, peaceful, and full of attitude, courage and perfect brown early. It’s the story of Augustine’s story. That’s really thinking, given pictures of inspiration. The easy-to-use, easy attitude about life, about life Opposite lives, opposite thoughts, opposite lifestyles
It is a story written.

“If it’s true love
First of all, except for the love from him.
I can not expect anything.
Second, he did not ask
I have to give. “

“My land will remain green”

“There was a plot to cover this land with blood, and there was bloodshed, but temporary blood could not cover the green earth forever.”

This book is about all I was very afraid to work and set a common enemy against the enemy. The ruling came after one another, be jealous, because the main condition is bad blood between each other, they are killing each other. Japan had the same struggles among different murdering cousin ground. These Japanese workers than to look upon it while we’re all a lot of prestige, Thant Zin, the beauty of mercy. You will also read about how the patriotic insurgent, Thant Zin’s former father, and the current father are enemy, Ma Yin Nwe, blocked the love and separation of young people in the middle of nowhere. We can read about it in books as well as in real life. I would like to refer to it as a must-read book.

“There is a misnomer for a woman, but we men are the only ones who are really love wilse.

“I’m still buying bright flowers”

Sorry if I have read unforgettable read the book. I cried like sadness mind the small matter of the book. Wai and brother Hlaing Hlaing, especially my brother’s story. Deprive sight, heighten as other as other brother Hlaing, who studied law, I do not know how.. But not satisfied too are not one or two. Even if you did not walk a block before, but life can not be met, but you can just see life I’m Was held by several. That was their biggest mistake. Wai brother Hlaing’s genius has been a good partner. Hlaing to become a writer, but was able to provide. However, guidance brother Hlaing does not favor. Share guidance does not recognize brother Hlaing. Hopefully I divide takes to communicate to someone who does not know his brother Hlaing how much pain you have any other way of life. And then had to leave quietly, as brother Hlaing. Wai’ s life disappeared too are too. Fearing for his life, Maung Hlaing eventually took refuge in the shadow of peace.

A very sad story.
Nat Shwin Naung’s letters, poems and idols
My brother Hlaing, who loved Ko Ko very much, was also a ghost in his life.

“Let it be dark. Let it be dark.
Try to darken the night, so that you can not see the beach, the beach, the road, the land or anything. ”

“Do not miss the song, Lord”

The story is about Shan culture and Shan family. The country is a popular format for reading, art has been returned anyway. Studying music abroad, met early on with tribes Saw Sanda Nwe, who had earlier called Saw. Individual’s philosophy, especially in the early concept of knowledge, music and related righteous attitude and inspiration in the full edition. However, Saw Naing was unlucky. Although he was close to his destiny he did not want to be separated by fate.

“The irony is that it does not matter what race …
Love is also the boundary of the earth
The divisions … can not be prevented … ”

“People will continue to call me friend without gold”

Needless to say, these are two books. I think almost no one has ever read them.

I consider it to be one of the two best of Sayar’s books in the world. Some of the authors like it but some do not.

After reading Sayar’s books, I learned to think more deeply about life, to see the truth of the world, to think about the life that never happened, and to think deeply about love.


Author- Nway (Summer)

Translator- Emma