How can you do self study effective for English

November 15, 2023 By c4tadmin

How can you do self study effective for English. Now is the time for us all to become more self-centered. Simply put, self-study is easy to say, and few people can do it in the long run. Feelings of boredom, boredom, and lack of self-study. Self-study is not guaranteed due to lack of schedule. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.
Especially when self-studying, young people often think only of English. You can learn English for almost 10 years. I think it will be confusing. English is taught in schools. For me, English at school is annoying. Learn how to do that. Learn the language. Before learning English language, I will tell you how to do self study.

  1. Draw a time table. This is something that everyone has heard. Because I want to die because I have the idea that I have to do this right now.
    2.Find a studying place. If you are studying in the same place as before, stop and arrange a study place. In other words, I want you to have a reading table. Keep it in a quiet, quiet place. It is not difficult for people who have their own room, but many young people in Myanmar do not have their own room.
    So how do you do that? Clearly divide the quietest part of the house. For one thing, use that space for studying.
  2. Set a time. It should be used more especially by people who are learning a foreign language. For example, how many levels you can get in a month, how many words you can get in a month, etc.
  3. Have a study partner (or) ask a friend (or senior) for help with the exam. The reason you have a study partner is to keep reminding yourself. To always be pushed back. If you’re bored, he will warn you. If he is bored, you can warn him.
    The problem with self-study people is that they can never know for sure how much they have improved. Therefore, if you have a studying partner, you can always check each other’s skills. If you have a hobby, you can call each other challage. So even if you do not have a study partner, ask your friends, seniors, (or) family members for help.
  4. Find courses. I think the course will be a little confusing because if you are a CDM student right now, there are a lot of opportunities. This is because there are many free education organizations for CDM students. You just have to be a CDM student.
    Now that you have found the methods, let me tell you how I learned English. In 10th grade, I passed English with a score of less than 42. At that time, I was told that English was annoying. How did you learn to deal with such frustration? I watch a simple movie. I especially watch Netflix. For one thing, you can’t just look at it. There’s one thing there, isn’t it just Netflix?If you want to watch, you can watch Diseny +, HBO, … Make a note of how it looks. If you are unfamiliar with yourself, try subtitling for the first time. Make sure Next time, try not to overdo it. They can translate it by looking at it and so on. The series I recommend is Friends.
    There are also 30s learning pages from Facebook. You can learn from it. Next, play Bolo with your friends. You can learn from each other because you can get what you don’t get what she gets. No one knows. Everyone is still trying. When to start? If you want to start now, you have to start now.There is a saying that I have heard before. Let work be smart. I want to be work smart rather than work hard. Find a way that suits you. Always learn and always learn how to improve yourself.You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you have the mind, you can overcome everything. If you really want to succeed, you can achieve a lot even if you study on youtube. Students studying on youtube are from all over the world. Strive to be successful. Give me time.
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