Learn with fun!

November 15, 2023 By c4tadmin

Are you still learning English language? Absolutely! Everyone, including me, is learning English in our daily lives through social medias, websites, books, etc. If you are a language teacher, you must read this article beacuse you are about to hit the jackpot of teaching materials. If you aren’t a teacher, you must also read this too.

Language learning is one of the life-long learning processes. When you learn a language with colourful materials or some activities, it would be easy and fun to learn new words and sentences.

Have you noticed how we learn the words and phrases from mobile games and social media platforms? For instance, I am playing ‘The PDF’ games these days. As I play with English version of the conversation, I’ve learnt some new English vocabularies from this game. I don’t have to study like a parrot at all.

Thus, I would like to introduce you a really precious website for kids, youths, grown-ups and everyone who love to explore nature and animals through English language. Are you ready to know what it is?

It’s called ‘National Geographic.’
‘National Geographic’ is a global nonprofit organization committed to exploring and protecting our planet. In this website, you have many things to learn about our planet, animal kingdom, countries, science, etc. After reading this article, please go and visit this website.

There are many options but I’d to focus on ‘National Geographic Kids.’ You can play many games like puzzles, quizzes, personality quizzes and so on. For teachers and parents, I’m sure it will help your lessons to be engaging and fun with your learners. Before using them as part of lesson in your lesson plan, you should try each of the topic yourself first. Then, you will realize why I wrote this article for you, teachers.

So, promise me dear readers, you are going to visit this website and explore how fantastic it is. I’d love to read your comments under my article either. After trying it, please leave a comment which activity do you like most in ‘National Geographic Kids.’

When you learn with fun, your memory can keep it long!

Author- Twilight