Inle Lake from Myanmar

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Inle is located in the Southwestern at Shan State of Myanmar and is the second-largest lake in Myanmar. Then the emperor of the grandson of Anoretha, another Bagan emperor of Myanmar, ALaungSithu traveled around the country (traveling) and upon arrival in Mahar Kan Taw, he was erected with five statues, known as (Phaung Daw Oo), which is still the mighty goodness in the village of Nanhu.
Most of the ethnic groups, such as Shan Saopha, Shan, Pa’O, Intha, and Danu, are lived in there and which are worked as traditional fisheries and fabrics. To this day, blindness, mountain crops, and islands are cultivated as gardens and are still working as a vocational work.

Natural, mountain, water, traditions etc. and the reflection of the beauty of the Inle’s sunset (pretending the sun to wash in the Inle lake) makes visitors feel relaxed and rejoice for a while as a relaxing memorial date….

The Buddhist festival of Inle lake ( Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival), is largest and still one of the most prominent festivals in Myanmar as well as in the world The Inle Lake is well-known as a water floated city in Myanmar, which is very impressive to tourists visiting Myanmar.

“In the middle of the mountain ranges, the Inle lake’s blue water …”
It is normal to visit by car when visiting other cities, and then when visiting the Inle, you feel more free to visit the Inle and enjoy the essence of lightness and happiness.
Before visiting the water floated cities in Europe, you should first visited and studied with long legs on the beautiful water floated houses, the beauty of natural forest trees of the Inle in southern Shan State of Myanmar and you can relax, and spend all day on the water in the lake.

vibrant color of Inle Lake

The artifacts of the buildings on the lake reflect the heritage of an ancient century, and the large Inle, which are now beautifully welcomed by travelers, are built on water and are beautifully welcomed as well as being crowded with colorful and, it is located as a beautiful landscape with many natural beauty scenes, which tourists love so much.

The short tradition of rowing on one side of the legs, such as fishing with a net, is the beauty of boating with a distinctive tradition that enhances the world’s foreign population and makes Myanmar known in the world. Local fishermen are known for practicing a distinctive rowing style which involves standing at the stern on one leg and wrapping the other leg around the oar.

Meanwhile, the Festival was held on full moon day of Thadinkyaut , and the burial was beautifully decorated with a caravan and beautifully poured out in boats. The festival is often performed politely by rowing and holding boat races in the Inle Lake.
The beauty of the rowing with Inle man’s legs was more visible during the festivities and included it as a beauty of the Inle tradition that attracted travelers to visit it as a fascinating tradition for every human race.

Setting foot on the ground and seeing firsthand the friendliness of an honest of the people of Inle that you wants to alleviate the tension of life. Once a year, I visited the Inle and passed my efforts peacefully with the refreshment of the natural beauty like that mountains, water and so on.
Then, in a boat, I gazed at the sunset and passed through the boat, taking photographs of the beautiful lotus flowers, and sweet-colored flowers in a boat.
I loved photography and wanted for good news that the Inle was very beautiful in the photographic landscape.
As a short reader, one interesting thing seems to be that there are many questions about where the Inle’s people buy the market????? I’m also an interesting factor.
Shan has an ancient tradition, and it is still advisable to sell the goods as the five-day market,the ten days market day by day.It is called the Market Day.
It’s so beautiful on the Inle’s market — Dressed in traditional Shan clothing, which represents the competitive Mito tribe on the boat, the marketplace is often celebrated in a beautiful mainland shop.

If that market day coincides with a short tourist destination, I will ….. If the reader doesn’t believe it, you really visit it, and I believe you will see more natural scenes of the lake than I write. …..
Every time, with smile, the reddish-brown color cheek and naturally pure Shan girls often wear their own fingernails and wear themselves and identify the traditional custom Most visitors encourage visitors to work as a domestic service, and close friends are often given Inle gifts (as Inle Signature clothes).
Tea and dried tea in Shan stand as the top number one food in Myanmar to this day. Delicate tea meat and fragrant dried grain tea are produced in a naturally healthy way and are imported and sold both locally and abroad. The Shan tea salad that I will add a dried shrimp that I like so much and eat it. It’s tender and tasty.

So at the end of the day, at night, it coincided with the full moon and arrival… So I glanced at the beautiful full moon, with a dried green tea (dried corn tea) .Thinking about Shan traditional sweetness, I combined the cold weather with the cold weather in the winter, and I was able to write such a good Content.
So I liked winter, and I often visited the cold regions, at least to alleviate emotional fatigue.
Once a year, you should make a compulsory trip and relax, and you can build a healthy family life. Of course, bribery will enable us to make a business forward and make a living.So I kept my mind happy as possible.Therefore, I would like to invite short-screen families to visit and relax with such mountainous landscapes.

I appeal to the reader is based on sweet information about the Inle, combining it with the raw material I visited myself. Therefore, if there consists in incorrect information,please forgive. let clickers click more while reading it 🤝🤝🤝 patiently.

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