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The most age-old spirulina of the world is a very useful medicinal living species for human beings. It is a kind of bacteria called cyanobacterium, inhabiting both in sea water and in lakes. It is a kind of living bacteria, photosynthesizing and producing nourishment by using the sunlight like the other plants. As it consists of varieties of nourishing substances, it is used as a main ingredient in producing health-giving tonic as well as skin care products such as natural organic cosmetics like Thanakha, shampoo and so on.

Twing Taung

Spirulina can be found in Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia and many countries throughout the world. In Myanmar, it is found only in tropical regions such as Twing Taung (a mountain whose topmost is like a frying pan) in Butalin, Sagaing Division, Twin-ma Lake in Kani and Ye-khar Lake in Sagaing. Among them, the spirulina from Twing Taung is the best and the most medicinal one. Twing Taung is an extinct volcano, and the lake is over 200 metres wide. It is strange that spirulina normally inhabits in extinct volcanoes. Twing Taung looks like a mountain from the ground and like a frying pan from birdeye view.

Water in Twing Taung is blue-green as it contains blue-green algae and that algae is called spirulina. Only spirulina from Twing Taung is used as raw material for producing medicine and cosmetics as it is better than others in Myanmar and it is fatal to some viruses. Now in Myanmar, among many licensed and registered companies, FAME medical company and JUNE Spirulina Company are producing and distributing spirulina tonic and natural cosmetics in local as well as overseas. Thus spirulina is one of the precious natural resources for Myanmar, not only giving us health but also making the income of the state increase.

As it consists of magnesium, potassium, vitamins and varieties of nourishing substances, taking it can give us clearer eyesight, better digestion and better immune system. Moreover, it prevents diabetes due to high blood sugar, anemia, throat cancer and other kinds of cancers, and reduces stress. Spirulina tonic can be taken for the purpose of either preventing or curing diseases, but it should be taken according to doctors’ prescription.

As a substance, called phycocyanin which reduces the internal and external inflammation of the body, contains in spirulina, those who are suffering from inflammation can take it. Moreover, the medical studies show that spirulina alleviates the patients with heart diseases, articulatory problems and anemic diseases due to aging. Most of the women today are suffering from anemic diseases, and so women should regularly take spirulina tonic for their beauty, youthfulness and health. As spirulina destructs the oxidative damage completely, it strengthens the muscles and peps up the takers. So, sportsmen, players and gymnasts should take it.

Although it is a nourishing food, containing a lot of antioxidants than can make us rejuvenate, it has a few side effects. Those who are allergic to iodine should not take it as it consists of iodine,p and neither should breast-feeding mothers. Thus it should be taken according to doctors’ prescription though it is a tonic.

Now, JUNE Spirulina Company manufactures and distributes spirulina natural cosmetics such as Spirulina Thanakha (Minwun Taung) and Spirulina shampoo which reduces balding. I’m now taking Avamin produced by JUNE Spirulina Company. It is very effective for immune activeness.

I wish you and all of your family members live long happily, healthily, peacefully and free from diseases and disasters by using natural spirulina products.

I’d like to apologise you if there are some mistakes in my article since I just share my knowledge from my study.

Remark: Although there are a lot of licensed and registered medical companies in Myanmar, I just express the two of them, FAME and JUNE as examples.

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Translated by Myo Win